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Hackaveret: Israel's Center for Social Innovation

Israel Needs Creative Responses to Its Most Urgent Socioeconomic Challenges

The State of Israel faces complex social challenges that demand groundbreaking thinking and creativity.


At Hackaveret ("beehive" in Hebrew), Israel's Center for Social Innovation, we believe in open innovation – the idea that the best solutions to the country’s social problems can spring from anyone and anywhere – from social entrepreneurs to members of communities at risk who are working to find solutions for the challenges their communities face.


That's why we nurture, strengthen, and expand these innovative ideas and social ventures, to ensure that they can make maximum impact and improve the well-being of at-risk populations. We do this by:

1. Fostering a new generation of entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills and commitment to solving social problems.

2. Creating an interactive network of social entrepreneurs, experts, government ministry representatives, businesspeople and social organizations working to upgrade responses to at-risk populations.

3. Promoting social impact ventures by providing training, financial support and tools for measurement and evaluation.

Since its launch five years ago, in partnership between JDC and the National Insurance Institute, Hackaveret has helped accelerate 66 ventures through training and mentoring, built a community of nearly 3,000 participants through events and meet-ups that expose them to social action issues, innovative ideas and practical information, and provided $1.8 million in grants.


Addressing Priority Social Action Areas

Hackaveret is now creating professional tracks for advancing innovations in five priority areas: people with disabilities, the elderly, social mobility and children and youth at risk, employment, and vulnerable populations. To foster the development of social service solutions in these fields, we:

  • Provide professional training to equip community members with knowledge and tools for innovation and social entrepreneurship

  • Organize professional meetups to bring community members together to discuss strategic issues and learn from professionals in the field.

  • Build communities that encourage cooperation among entrepreneurs, members of our target populations, professionals, mentors, and representatives of government bodies, NGOs and local municipalities.

  • Accelerate social ventures, guided by Hackaveret mentors.

  • Provide grants for select ventures to pilot projects and prove feasibility and potential.

  • Organize challenges that invite entrepreneurs to devise and submit solutions for specific challenges.

  • Foster knowledge development and sharing through Hackaveret’s website and social media tools.

  • Disseminate innovative thinking within large organizations for the purpose of social impact.

Hackaveret -Talking Social Entrepreneutship

Our Team

Zohar Sharon

Executive Director

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Zohar Sharon is the Executive Director of Hackaveret , previously served for many years as the Chief Knowledge Officer of Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality, he was responsible and partner in promoting the Digital Transformation ,the knowledge management, and the Smart City of Tel Aviv. Zohar is founder of “DigiTel” venture, which helped Tel Aviv receive the 2014 World’s Smartest City Award at Barcelona Smart City Expo World Congress. He has had the privilege of presenting at many conferences around the world and helping cities (including cities in India) to focus on practical ways to implement smart cities programs by focusing on smart citizens engagement.

Talya Danino 

Operations Manager

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Talya, our Operations Manager, is in charge of Hackaveret's day-to-day operation and organizing Hackaveret events. With her extensive experience in managing the offices of senior officials in the third and public sectors, she streamlines administrative procedures, inventory controls, and ensures the smooth function of our offices.

Barak Matzoba

Director of Knowledge Development and Marketing

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Barak, our Director of Knowledge Development and Marketing, is a digital education expert. He has years of experience in informal education and digital marketing for large NGOs. Before joining Hackeveret, Barak developed a financial education platform that was adopted by the Ministry of Education and is currently operating in schools throughout Israel. Barak is certified in Digital Marketing and Post Production.

Pola Barkan

 Venture Development Manager

Pola Barkan is our Director of Venture Development at Hackaveret. She heads the flagship Acceleration Program, working with social entrepreneurs to develop their innovations and build successful business models, and supervises their pilots. Pola is herself an social entrepreneur, advocating for religious rights and cultural representation for the 1.2 million Russian-speaking Israelis as the CEO of The Cultural Brigade, co-founder of The Lobby of One Million and part of the 1.5 Generation movement. Pola is a firm believer in embracing both success and failure in order to create meaningful impact. Pola has BA in Politics and Management and an MBA in Social Leadership.

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Ayala Davidowitz

Director of Strategic Partnerships and Resource Development

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Ayala, our Director of Strategic Partnerships and Resource Development, acts as a liaison to major federations, foundations, and individual donors, who seek to build strong, collaborative connections to Hackaveret. After years in the field of educational and social leadership, Ayala joined our ranks to fulfill her vision of developing social innovation to improve the lives of under-privileged populations throughout Israel and the world. She holds a BA in Middle Eastern Studies and Regional History.

Avital Elfant Filler

Community Development and Partnerships Manager

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Avital Elfant-Filler is our Director of Partnerships and Community Development. She has a background in managing ecosystem development from her time at the Ministry of Economy and has vast experience in educational programming, project planning and partnership building from her days at Masa Israel Journeys. Avital studied Business and International Relations at Hebrew University and received her MA in Public Policy at Tel Aviv University.  

Inbal Flier

 Venture Development Manager

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Inbal, our Director of Venture Development, joined us from the National Insurance Institute, one of the founding members of Hackaveret. There, she managed strategic processes at all levels. Before joining NII, she ran Moach, the union representing hundreds of junior staff members at Hebrew University. Inbal has a BA in psychology and community social work and an MBA in social leadership. She believes in the importance of civic engagement and is working to help entrepreneurs influence society.