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Our Ventures

Acceleration program
cohort #4
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Watoobi helps people from diverse populations integrate into the labor market and access professional support through mentoring and technology. With the help of our digital platform, we create effective, inexpensive and scalable mentoring programs for organizations. The mentors are graduates of the  organization, or experienced employees from a variety of companies in the field.

Mentoring allows trainees to learn "from the field" about their area of ​​practice, make connections and gain an invaluable support. At the same time we help place clients in jobs at various companies. We are currently working with organizations such as the Technion, the Open University, Microsoft Israel Research and Development and more.

Michal Teitler & ROni Tesler
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Hybrid Recovery Clinic

ענת שפירא - cura.png

Every day, 10 young people aged 18-44 are diagnosed with cancer in Israel. The diagnosis and the experience of the patient affects all areas of life. The end of the treatments and the beginning of recovery, is both a victory and a major crisis. The social and economic support system fades aways, the continuous contact with the caregivers ends, and those recovering face many difficulties in trying to return to the routine of their lives.

CURA - a Hybrid, physical and digital recovery clinic – is a therapeutic safety net for young cancer survivors, and will provide a solution for the required cancer follow-ups and the physical and socio-psychological needs that arise as a result of the treatments.

By integrating technological tools and reallocating resources, it will: build a customized recovery program, monitor and research the recovery process, provide an extensive array of services including access to quality medicine, and restore a sense of ability to the recovering.

ANAT shapira & michal ben-doron
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טל חסון לולה.png

LOLA is a vocal assistant for people with various disabilities (blindness, visual impairment, and limb disabilities such as paralysis, Parkinson's and arthritis) which allows full voice control through their mobile phone. Voice assistant technology such as Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa have been around for years and continue to evolve. But while they offer amazing options, they are not designed for people with disabilities and are not built with them in mind. This fact has created quite a few gaps and barriers such as language support, lack of functionality (phone control), 100% voice control without the need for touch or look at the phone and dealing with speech difficulties. Lola was born from customer needs in the field and came to solve these gaps precisely.

tal hasson
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challenge me

Challenge Me is a groundbreaking app for promoting and integrating young adults with ASD in high schools (16 to 21). The app encourages the active participation of the young adult with the challenges of their lives on the educational, social and emotional level, while reaching personal goals by creating measurable challenges. The app is based on positive feedback, methods for reaching high performance and creating continuity and artificial intelligence for advanced challenges.

The app creates a partnership between young adults with ASD, educational staff and the parent towards the success of overcoming challenges. Challenge Me provides support for improving independence and integration into the community.

Sharon Kahana
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Open Dialogue Israel

Open Dialogue Israel is an training venture designed to the disseminate a the "open dialogue" mental crisis treatment model in Israel. The "open dialogue" approach was developed in Finland in the 1980s and provided an individualized treatment model of mental crises at a client's home. This model is considered one of the most effective and cost-efficient approaches in the world for treating acute mental crises.

ODI's goal is to establish a national network of caregivers that will operate within three arms of the system: hospitals, mental health clinics and rehabilitation bodies. ODI conducts training for staff and works at the public level for recognition and support by the establishment.

Sivan Bar On,Lila Hefer & itay kender
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סיון דפי.png
נמרוד זליכה קוגנישיין.png

Cognishine is a therapeutic-educational content system designed for education and health professionals. The system contains thousands of ready-to-use, updated and renewable sources that are suitable for the unique needs of each client based on age, needs, preferences and their personal therapeutic goal.

With the help of Cognishine, the therapist can provide an efficient and accurate service, improve the treatment experience, increase motivation for active participation which in turn increases performance and success.


 Cognishine can be activated in personal or remote sessions and on any device and operating system, without the need for designated hardware. Cognition is currently undergoing the process of becoming accessible in Hebrew and Arabic and is also developing and improving technology that will enable more accurate automation of content to each customer.

Nimrod Zilcha & Meital Karni Buchman
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שרונה דוכנא - מיזם האימוץ והאומנה.png
The adoption and foster care project
Sharona duchna & silvi aharon

The Adoption and Foster Care Initiative was created to strengthen the sense of security, belonging, and identity among foster families. The project is built on a multidisciplinary digital training platform, specializing in trauma-related issues such as: abandonment, emotional regulation, stress, and extreme behaviors.

By working with various professionals and leading experts, families and foster children are able increase their awareness and ability to connect, preventing the foster child from returning to the system. The combination of knowledge, communication and cooperation generates family resilience and social growth.

The venture also offers books, videos, courses, online communities, and support for families.

איריס -רקורד.png

Record is the first social-therapeutic podcast venture in Israel and one of the first in the world. Record runs treatment programs with the help of the “radio tool”, through the creation of a personal podcast in which people tell their story.

In Record, the patients turn complex life experiences into a coherent story, and turn this story into a doco-narrative podcast episode. The stories are listened to by the general public, and thus the participants get to share in their voice, their lives and their world with the whole of Israeli society. On the flip side, the audience is exposed to stories that are often kept silent.

Iris Alter Liberman,Theo Landau & Theo Landau
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חני בורשטיין - VR.png
Cristalix - VR Social Emotional Skills Trainer

This venture promotes the development of social-emotional skills in children, using virtual reality software, with professional guidance and parental involvement. Through Cristalix, a child undergoes an interactive training process accompanied by a virtual facilitator, customized for their progress.

The program relies on evidence-based protocols and includes pediatric techniques and mindfulness. The professional and the parents will be able to follow CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) on the activity and progress of the child in an accompanying app, where practice tasks will also appear. The venture won a two-year development grant from Israel Digital Innovation Authority, a research grant from Maindocate Center Tel Aviv University and recognized by the Ministry of Education.

Hany & guy Burstein
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מייסון משפחה שלווה ומאוזנת.png
Peaceful and Balanced Family

Peaceful and Balanced Family is a social business enterprise that provides remote training for parents from the Arab sector. It provides knowledge, tools and guidance to Arab parents on the topic of safe and conscious parenting. It was found that the higher the level of self-awareness is, the healthier parent-child relationships become, and thus, enable children to reach their potential in the future. Peaceful and Balanced Family Venture helps parents overcome the difficulties of organizing and finding live parenting courses and gives them easy access to knowledge and parenting tools.

Maysoon hija
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נוגה בן יעקב מסע לבגרות.png

Walk-the-Talk, is an innovative educational venture in the field of therapeutic pedagogy, which makes matriculation exams more accessible, pleasant, and meaningful to every high school student. The project combines place-based learning of the core curriculum and field therapy, by summarizing each quarter in a pedagogical field trip that is led by teachers and students.

This venture has proven to significantly raise student achievements, and affects the teaching concept among all school teachers.

noga ben yakov
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אחי קושניר.png
אביב קושניר שפליקודרמה.png

Applicodrama is an AI platform based on psychodrama therapy for therapists and patients in the public and private mental health system. The platform will enable mental health institutions to implement a hybrid psychiatric therapy, which will monitor the patient's condition, and adapt and improve their care as needed.


In this framework, patients will be able to visually encounter the psychiatric content that occupies them regularly and have a unique dialogue with it, which will lead them to new insights for immediate relief. At the end of each session on the digital platform, the lead therapist will receive an update and a link to the relevant content in order to optimize frontal therapy and focus. The treatment platform we have created can also stand on its own and be a temporary/permanent solution for populations that need psychological support but for cannot access it for social and economic reasons.

aviv & achi kushnir
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אמירה קאסם 360.png
חני סבג 360.png

JOB360 is an Ultra-Orthodox-Arab partnership using a virtual reality-based platform to provide soft-skills training for job seekers. The platform creates interactive VR exercises of various scenarios. Throughout the exercise, the platform checks the physical, cognitive and behavioral functioning of the participant, and provides them with feedback that allows them to try again until they reach a level of significant improvement. The VR training process is also accompanied by a mentor, who provides further guidance on how to improve soft skills.

‏‎ hany sbag & Amira Gaber Kassem‎‏ 
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מתן הלוי קמבאק.png

Comeback uses the world of employment to bring ex-convicts back into the community as productive and law-abiding citizens. Employment has proven to be one of the most significant fields for reintegration into society and infusing hope in ex-convicts. As part of the process, the venture works to establish and lead a professional community of rehabilitation organizations, as well as to promote change in public policy. Preventing recidivism saves public fund, ensures safer streets, and helps to build healthier communities.

matan halevi
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מילי אינדיג.png

Familist is a technology that helps manage families that are separated and divorced. This venture is a mobile app adapted to divorce agreement and solves the communication difficulties between separated and divorced parents, or any couple in a joint custody situation. It includes features for managing expenses, payments, holidays, events, handing over children and regular updates. It was built based on professional knowledge and expertise of family law experts in Israel. 

Millie Indig
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Geniuses Institute

Hebrew language skills are a significant barrier to entering academia and the Israeli job market for the Arab sector in Israel, particularly for residents of East Jerusalem and the periphery. The Geniuses Institute is a Hebrew language school for Arabic speakers that improves language skills and cultural understanding, with the goal of helping clients integrate into the Israeli job market and academia. The learning model has already proven its success and the we are now expanding toward institutional collaborations and hybrid learning that will include a digital platform for remote learning.

Ali kamel & asra abu nidab
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