pass over (the) challenege


 Join the community of Israeli social entrepreneurs

and together “pass over” the challenges of Corona and allow every family and every community to have a meaningful Passover holiday.

Just one week before Passover, Hackaveret, Israel's social innovation hub, released an RFP calling for creative solutions to 'pass over' the challenges created by the Coronavirus.  The goal was to enable every community, every family, and every person around the world to enjoy a meaningful Passover holiday.

In just a day and a half we received 162 proposals! Individuals, teams in-the-making, organizations and existing companies submitted proposals. In just that day and a half they managed to pivot and submit innovative solutions to a rapidly evolving global challenge.


 81 teams went through an accelerated innovation program. They received mentoring, lectures, and workshops.  All in support of what was no simple task: to develop an innovative initiative ahead of Passover, with potential for mass use

during the holiday.

And since we were all the target audience of these initiatives, we were all judges too!


7 initiatives reached the final stage.


16,395 voted for their favorite initiative.


was announced as the winner.


We're excited to share with you the initiatives that were born out of this unique challenge.  In this catalogue you will find links to a diverse array of solutions, available to you from today and throughout the Passover holiday.  It's our hope that these solutions will provide all Jewish people around the world the opportunity to spend Passover a little more together.

A  50,000 NIS grant and distribution of the platform among the international community.

the winning proposal

And you shall tell your son 2020

-local story

We invite Jewish families in Israel, and around the world, to document Passover experience in the days of Corona. Please join our social platform based on a Timeline, which begins with the Passover dinner, ends in the Mimouna celebration, and allows families to leave their personal
imprint in our collective memory.

The finalists
                   Seder live
Ananas- 2gether
               Make Makhela 
Eureka World
            Let My People Go
More projects

our family Hug-gaddah


imun moshe


who knows one?

Passover with Univer

The Judges

Oshik Feler-Gil

Social investor

Adv Itzik Sabato

Director, Social development funds.  social security agency of Israel

Rani Dudai

Executive Director.

 JDC Institute for Leadership and Governance and Hackaveret

Hila Levy-Loya

VP Customer Success Salesforce


Behavioral economics expert.

Rabbi Menachem Perl

Head of the Tzomet Institute

Who are we looking for?


Companies, start-ups, organizations, or any socially-minded innovator who can offer an innovative solution that will be ready for use around the world on April 6th, the 14th of Nissan.

The platform must relate to two at least two aspects:

Facilitating an experiential Passover holiday: The platform must provide methodologies for preparing for an experiential seder in a virtual space, as well as for all the days of Passover.

Deepening the human connection: We need a platform that optimizes the virtual world’s capacity for creating the experience of closeness despite physical distance. We are looking for a digital encounter that can capture and share human warmth and that maximizes the sense of belonging.

Credits for illustrations: B.farias Created, Linseed Studio,Nikol Kokešová, Trevor Dsouza, Brennan Novak. The Noun Project.